Governing Rules & Instructions are given below:-

  1. The directions and instructions issued by Govt. of India and Haryana Government from time to time are implemented accordingly and directions are issued to all the subordinate offices and got implemented from all of their staff members.
  2. The instructions and norms which are issued by the State Government for implementation of departmental rules and norms by the department are followed by Head office and field offices.
  3. There are Departmental Service rules for each category of employees, namely Haryana Home Guards & Civil Defence Services (State Service Group A) Rules 1979, Haryana Home Guards & Civil Defence Services (State Service Group B) Rules 1975, Haryana Home Guards & Civil Defence Headquarter & Field cadre (Group C) Service Rules 1999 & Haryana Home Guards & Civil Defence Headquarter & Field cadre (Group D) Service Rules 1999, which are applicable to all the officers/ staff of this department. In addition to the above, the Govt of India have issued Compendium of Instructions which are followed by this department. Haryana Civil Service Rules and Punjab Financial Rules are also applicable.
  4. The service records of the employees of the department relating to district level are being maintained by the office of District Commandant and the records pertaining to State level are being maintained by Head office. The paper plan of Civil Defence Cities is prepared which is kept secret and in emergency the work is done as per paper plan.
  5. Any member of the general public can obtain any information of District level from District Commandant or Dy. Controller regarding Home Guards and Civil Defence. If it is not with in his competency , the representation or appeal can be sent to the Head office.
  6. A Grievance Redressal meeting is called under the chairmanship of Dy. Commissioner in every district every month, which is attended by District Commandant & Dy. Controller and grievances are attended to.
  7. The staff is posted in the district offices of this department and volunteers come there for training and parade.