25% of the total expenditure of the department is borne by Govt of India and 75% is borne by Haryana Govt. but administrative matters are under the State Government.

Other Financial Informations:-
  1. All the officers/officials and volunteers of this department are covered under ex-gratia scheme on compassionate grounds.
  2. Budget for the year 2017-18 of Rs. 23,68,00,000/- has been allotted to Home Guards & Rs. 2,72,90,000/- allotted to Civil Defence, which is disbursed to State Hqs, I.G., C.T.I., 21 districts of Home Guards & 10 Towns of Civil Defence.
  3. No subsidy programme is executed by this department.
  4. No concessions, permits or authorizations are granted by this department to any person.
  5. Any information required of Home Guards and Civil Defence department can be taken on any working day. If any person or his representative wishes to join as volunteer and fulfills the requisite qualifications he can be enrolled as such. The allowances given to the volunteers are as under:-

    1. Weekly Parade                       Rs.60/- Per Parade
    2. Call out duty                           Rs. 572/- Per Day
    3. Training Allowance                Rs. 300/- Per Day